Who Am I?

I am a mother of three wonderful kids under the age of 4 (and currently pregnant ). Having 2 natural births in the squat position few hours after completing a Crossfit workout has been many of my goals. Read my experience as a Crossfit Mom.


My chillens : )

I was born in Mexico, raised multilingual and multicultural and lived in three other different countries throughout my life.

I am a multicultural food blogger, traveler and paleo philosopher. I speak six languages  and besides from being a dedicated wife to my husband and passionate about cooking I also work at home as a Professional Interpreter and Translator.


 What is Healthy guts?

Healthy guts is a blog in English and Spanish dedicated to promote an overall better long-term health for you and your family through conscious eating. Includes paleo adaptations of traditional homecooking techniques, gut health and paleo related articles, pregnancy, shopping and more. 

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It Starts with the Kids. 

I know first hand how hard it can be to shift through the mountains of conflicting information on how to raise our kids to be healthy.  It seems like every few weeks a new study or research comes along and disproves everything the so called “experts” had be trumpeting.

 As  a mother I have found that the best indicator of my families health is not outside opinions from doctors or scientists, but is instead something that has been with all of us for thousands of years…. our bodies,  and they are much better at keeping us alive then we seem to like to admit.

Unfortunately, this topic of feeding the kids becomes incendiary under the best of circumstances.

Folks bring the baggage of their own childhoods: “Well, I ate this as a kid, so my kids should eat it…”

The medical community is confused: “Whole grains, dairy and juice are healthy foods for growing kids.”

And folks do not want to be the weird ones: “All the other kids eat Goldfish, I don’t want little Jimmy to be the odd one out.” (1)

I deal with this concerns (along to other mothers, to name a few Sarah Fragoso, Chrissy Gower,Peggy Emch) and many more, every day. But I deal, and I stick to my guns, largely based from the observations that feeding my kids this way is the healthiest way I can possibly feed them. As you read my daughter’s story, you notice that she was very sick. A simple transition to a paleo type diet solved a multitude of seemingly unrelated problems ranging from gastrointestinal issues, failure to thrive, cognitive/behavioral delay…nothing a parent wants to face. I took my families health into my hands and the benefits have been remarkable.

WOW! That’s a large demographic you have there. (Robb Wolf)

The number of Spanish speaking folks in the US is growing at a remarkable rate. Unfortunately, the rates of diseases such as type 2 diabetes is growing amongst these folks faster than can be believed. Sodas heavy in fructose, traditional foods cooked in linoleic (n-6) rich corn oil, sedentism, and shocking vitamin D deficiencies are just a few of the problems. Who is advocating for these people? Who is recommending a path other than what mainstream medicine (let’s be vegan!) or the junk food selling media (Hey kids, fruity smacks taste even better in chocolate milk!). It’s kind of a rhetorical question, but the reality is not many people are advocating for the Spanish speaking population and you don’t need to think about it from a goody-two-shoe’s perspective. If we collectively do not fix this problem the price tag is going to be huge, and if folks have not noticed, we’ve been living on credit for a while already!

Another piece that MUST be addressed is serving the non-English speaking population of the US (for starters)

To this end I am now dedicated to bring to you written and video support for the concepto paleolitico both in English and Spanish.

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