Video: Nutrition before and after pregnancy and My Postpartum “Ancenstral Experiment”

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Before you read my personal experience beware that this article is not intended to persuade in any sort of form to follow my ways of treating pain after birth and/ or eating habits.
I come forward as a very straight forward woman in this article and my intentions are not to offend any one. Just plain honesty.


The mayor reason why I highly encourage people to read the GAPS Diet (especially pregnant women) is  because besides from having such an effective detoxification diet to rebuild good bacteria and/or heal, treat a leaky gut or illness, Dr. Natasha Campbell-Macbride EXPLAINS in delicate detail  the consequences on why taking antibiotics or heavy-duty opiates before and after pregnancy will destroy the health condition of our and our baby’s digestive system.

Something really important that I didn’t discuss in my video (which you can find after this short article) is the use of narcotics and heavy opiates after childbirth and why it is important to avoid them when the mother has had a healthy birth.

Before and after the birth of my first daughter I was treated with heavy antibiotics and opiates to reduce pain after childbirth. With my second and third I was given 2 heavy opiates in a form of a pill after birth, again, to help with pain. On my first pregnancy I wasn’t even aware how antibiotics and opiates worked or what they did, sure I knew somehow that they resolved pain.  With my second and third I did my homework. Looked around. But I wasn’t quite all informed. I was still missing a critical point. GUT HEALTH.

Now that I look back I can recall the adverse effects I experienced by taking opiates such as painful constipation, stomach pain and unproper digestion.Even when I followed a strict paleo diet, it sure wasn’t enough!.

There are many other side effects that opiates can also cause such as nausea, vomiting and addcition.

A relaxed yet “not quite accepted way TO TREAT PAIN   in the USA”

Ever since the birth of my third child,  I have been wondering for a long time  about some better alternatives for pain killers after giving birth.

My grandmother and great grandma used to take a big shot of alcohol after giving birth to ease the pain, couple of hours later they will resolve their duties at home. With pain. But nothing like when you’re giving birth. They both said pain was bearable after a day or two.

With my first pregnancy, I experience a horrible recovery do to the huge amounts of epidural in my system not to mention all the pills they gave me afterwards which I believe restricted my body from releasing all those “cocktail of hormones” oxitocin etc….


With kid 2 and 3, the intake of opiates  stopped again my body’s ability to feel some of the natural oxytocin do the work in the healing process.

This time around with my fourth child I actually allowed my body go for about 12 hours without any pain medication. And  let me tell you. It was quite an experience and the results were worth writing this post.

 In the lapse of 12 hours I could feel for real how the body goes from a numb sensation to a it hurts sensation to a sort of  my body is going back together to my uterus is shrinking to finally I feel like dying. YES, I do not want to lie to any woman, it does hurt without medication. But it was an experiment. Something I wanted to try out. I wanted to share “the same feeling” that any other woman in a tribe in Africa or an indian in  South America would feel.

Of course in those 12 hours I chose a rather different approach to ease the pain “ancestral medicine” or an “ancestral maneuver approach”. ALCOHOL INTAKE.

I did my research and asked professionals before attempting to do this. Then I found out that in Chinese Culture mothers drink homemade chicken broths with rice wine in it  to reduce postpartum pain. This method was actually studied *hell yeah*** and it showed  increased levels of prolactin more than normal (although it mildly delayed first milk production which didn’t seem like a big deal) So besides from the reduction of pain and anesthetic effects it  also increased my milk process! and this is another reason why I’m loving ancestry…

Now if you are worried about traces of alcohol in breast milk, alcohol is actually excreted in very small amounts. Here is a study   about alcohol in breastfeeding moms (found no adverse effects at 18 months from UK, not USA) :


If really concerned

But what if I have a complication, bad tearing etc…?

Now if we think about the outcome after birth then we have to rely on how well your birth was and if  you had or were to have any possible complications. If so, then you have to take into account that any unresolved pain will cause your body to create excessive amounts of cortisol from supraphysiological pain and interfere with healing. Here is where actual narcotics and opiates are for. To help with extreme situations like this . Now, you can thank “whoever you thank to: GOD,Jehovah  ” for modern medicine. Pretty cool huh?


Yes, call me savage and hardcore but I am not a pain weenie. If you are a big fan of alcohol well… I did exchange the opiate for  shots of  “tequila” since it’s gluten-free and the body process it faster (I’m pretty sure Robb Wolf has talked about this in one of his interviews Mahalo interview. He is also well-known as the Norcal Margarita guy. Sure, I am a fan too)…. and  Hey! getting really drunk does work after birth. But only for about an hour after a shot or two. Finally ,after 12 hours I begged  for some type of analgesic (Ibuprofen)

  • With pregnancies 2 and 3 I notice a slower recovery  with the shrinking of my uterus (2 TO 3 DAYS) whereas with baby number 4 my uterus came back to it’s place in about 24 hours . My after pains were still more intense than with previous pregnancies (this is normal) but THEY resolved to 2 days instead of 4 days.
  • I was able to get up and walk better/faster
  • I had my first bowel movement 6 hours after birh.
  • I experienced no stomach pain or gas.
  • Bleeding was less and for a shorter period of time.
  • My milk supply came later as the study showed but I was producing twice as much milk as I did normally.

So my experiment worked just fine for me or Maybe I just got really good at this. I don’t know.



In this quite amateur video I give a quick rendition about how I eat during pregnancy and supplementation and how a proper nutrition helps my children’s behaviour and…

Why and What is the diet method I use (GAPS DIET) to prepare for childbirth before and after pregnancy.

Please “bear with me”(at this point in my life I am still trying to figure out my everyday schedule)This is my first ever video (explaining a subject) and it was quite hard to concentrate since I don’t have much time to put into it and I spend countless hours translating in many different languages (I get brain fogged and language confusion!!! ) PLUS my new born daughter decided to be hungry right when I was planning on recording the video, so I do apologize for these.

I did need it to get it out there for those of you who are interested . Please let me know if you have any questions by clicking on the CONTACT ME link located on my homepage. Thanks for reading!

3 weeks before I give birth I follow the GAPS detoxification Diet which is drinking bone broths for about 3 days.Slowly adding meat and vegetables after the 3rd day. The rest of the weeks I keep eating soups and broths until birh.
Along with digestive enzymes and probiotics. A great way to prepare your gut to pass a healthy flora to your baby when its born.






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